Best New Music of 2021: The 21 Most Exciting Young Musicians on Planet Earth

You notice that Israel Fernández is pure flamenco from the moment he walks in the door. He embodies the art, twisting the rich lyrics in his throat and releasing them like an entirely fresh sound. “It’s a gift God gave me,” he said, “and it comes from my family as well. I have Roma origins. We grew up singing and dancing from an early age. It’s my way of life. “

Fernández’s talent has already caught the attention of a new wave of Spanish artists, such as Rosalía, C. Tangana and El Guincho, who produced Fernández’s recent single “La Inocencia”.

“For this song, I didn’t want any percussion, applause or acoustic finishing,” he says. “I was looking for something more electronic, and he was the one doing it.”

Thanks to his authentic approach to traditional flamenco and his ability to build relationships with collaborators, Fernández is already considered the most important cantor of his time. And he is regularly compared to the master, Camarón de la Isla.

“I’m not going to say that I don’t like this comparison, but Camarón is irreplaceable,” he said. “My only goal in life is to bring flamenco to the younger generations without needing to trick them into anything else.” –F. Javier Girela

Photographed by Jor Martinez on Gran Vía, Madrid.
Stylized by Juan Luis Ascanio. Grooming by Sandra Garcia Heras for the direction of the artists. Produced by Natalia Torres.

GQ Brazil nominated

Gloria groove

The queen chameleon of São Paulo

Age: 26
Hometown: São Paulo
Key track: “Bonekinha”

Jacket by Juliana Jabour x New Era. Shirt by Dolce & Gabbana. Belt, shoes and his own hat by Gucci. Necklaces by Tiffany & Co. Ring (on the right index finger) by Vivara. Rings (right middle finger and left hand) by Guerreiro.

In Brazil, a new generation of pop stars is booming: artists like drag singer Pabllo Vittar, rapper trans Urias and Gloria Groove, a drag performer whose music blurs the lines between funk, rap and soul. “We are leading a major revolution in Brazilian pop music,” says Groove emphatically.

Born in São Paulo as Daniel Garcia, the 26-year-old singer is undergoing a Superman transformation in Gloria Groove’s glam wardrobe. His brash and powerful drag queen choreography is in stark contrast to Garcia’s shy demeanor. And really, it’s more than dance steps. For Gloria Groove, it’s a call to war.

“The wagon doesn’t play the fool,” says the chorus of “Bonekinha”, a rhythmic track from the recent Groove project. Lady Leste. She plans to continue teasing songs throughout the year, all via a kaleidoscopic set of sounds that range from rap and pop to carioca funk. “I am the descendant of an era of pop music where the artist is in a constant process of reinvention,” she says. And no kryptonite can stop that. –GQ Brazil staff

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