Best parts of living near Canada

Of course, we all love and adore our beautiful city. But honestly, one of the best things about living in Buffalo is being minutes from our Canadian neighbors. We’ve all stood in line on the Peace Bridge at one point or another to visit somewhere, buy something, or see something that you just can’t visit/buy/see in the good old United States of America. ‘America. Here are some of the best reasons why living so close to Canada is awesome.

We can consult the Well side of niagara falls

Michael Adamucci

Michael Adamucci

Of course, Niagara Falls is majestic on the American side. But let’s face it – anyone who’s been there knows the real breathtaking views are on the Canadian side.

Canada has the nearest IKEA

Why drive to New York or Pennsylvania when you could just buy your frustrating and difficult to assemble furniture just across the border?

Major League Baseball is about an hour and a half away

You don’t have to drive for hours to see your favorite baseball team with Rogers Center and the Toronto Blue Jays being so close to us.

You can drink under 21

Who hasn’t spent a night tearing it up in Clifton Hill before his New York State license let him into bars?

The exchange rate is killer

Although it’s always fluctuating, we can always count on a little more for our money in Canada. Sure, all those extra loones and toonies clinking in our pockets can be a little annoying, but it’s worth it.

Canadians love money to spend money here

Speaking of money… Finally, now that the covid restrictions are starting to ease, Canadians can finally come to our side of the border to spend their money and boost our local economy. Score!

What is your favorite thing about living so close to Canada?

The most romantic AirBnB in Canada in 17 images

A majority of western New Yorkers were waiting for this moment to cross the border, with some Buffalonians thinking of a trip to Toronto.

If you want to have a fun weekend, this AirBnB has a great view of the lake and the whole house is yours.

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