Best Pizza South of Jersey

Lisa DeMarco

I know I talk all the time about the 300 pound woman I hid inside that little body. Yet anyone who has ever shared a meal with me will attest to the accuracy of this metaphor. Naturally, the first thing this “foodie” had to do after we settled into our new beach pad was figure out where all the right places were to EAT!

Being DeMarcos our top priority was to find a friendly local Italian restaurant near us. Preferably a place that has made Jersey-style pizzas, sandwiches and dinners, cooked by Italians who have cooked their family’s recipes all their lives. In addition, they should serve “garlic knots” with every meal made with hand-made pizza dough. You know what I’m talking about. I’m starting to get hungry just talking about it.

On our first day at our pool at our new resort, I see this family sitting under the awning on the patio eating pizza. As I got closer, I could smell the garlic and spices coming out of the box as they grabbed each of the slices of freshly delivered pies. I have no shame. I approached my new neighbors and said, “It smells good. Where did you find it? “

Less than 30 minutes later, we were indulging in our first of many “this is our new pizzeria” pizzas. Delivered to the pool and all, we couldn’t ask for more. Unfortunately, we could, and that’s where D. America got shy. Although they offered great pizza and quick delivery of all kinds of tasty treats, it was take out only. However, Rico’s, another pizzeria / restaurant just down the road in the nearby plaza, had no problem serving us.

Our bins and boxes hadn’t even all been unpacked yet, and my friend Joann booked a room. She considers my extra space to be her new Florida “Airbnb”.

That way, when she wants to escape Pennsylvania and behave like a “Spring Breaker,” she knows where to go. At over 80, she’s not hard to get along with and we love her. She’s not only a great guest, but we always get a great ‘let me take you eat out’ meal because usually when she visits she prefers my home cooked meals rather than avoiding the audience with my. grandson. Of course, I understand. Again she is old and my grandson is six and acts like the Tasmanian devil.

Rico’s Italian restaurant looked as good as any other place to try. It was empty when we entered, but it smelled delicious. Although we are the only customers to eat inside the restaurant, several different delivery services came to pick up orders during our stay. The kitchen seemed busy and everyone was super nice. It definitely took Joey and I back to the good old days of working at the pizzeria together.

We ordered a large pepperoni pizza, and Joann and I were going to share a chicken parmesan dinner with salad, spaghetti and “garlic knots”. Joe and Jeremy ordered other stuff as well, and as usual, we just meant to snack on everything.

But our service team was so beyond excellence. Our waitress brought Joann and I each our own salads and garlic knots, and she divided our generous portion of food into two pretty layouts. (No sharing fee) Not to mention the fact that they had a 20% discount coupon on the pizza, which they deducted from our bill without us even asking. The cheap check made my BFF very happy which made me really happy. It made us feel a lot less guilty for ordering a piece of New York cheesecake for dessert, even though we had more than enough leftovers to overload us.

The best part was I almost dropped our leftovers on the floor, my ability to juggle the bear grabbed the box just in time, and as I did I noticed it was printed on the side of the box: “BEST PIZZA IN SOUTH JERSEY!” Enough said.

Then the staff applauded me for my poise and we all thanked them for an amazing dining experience.

Laugh. Peace out!

Lisa DeMarco, a former local waitress who is now enjoying the beach life, is a columnist for

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