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As a seasoned Amtrak user, I found Canada’s train system, Via Rail, so impressive that I want to come back to try more classes and routes.

The author travels business class from Toronto to Montreal.

Joey Hadden/Insider

I spent 85 hours on Amtrak trains traveling the east coast, browsing its various accommodations, from business and first class to private rooms in sleeping cars.

So when I traveled to Canada, I was excited to try By Rail, which is Canada’s train line similar to Amtrak in that it is one of the most accessible and popular ways to travel across the country. Via Rail offers economy class seating as well as business class and sleeper accommodations, as does Amtrak.

Even after just two rides, I thought my first experiences on Canada’s Via Rail system were more comfortable than the Amtrak equivalents I’ve experienced, thanks to the seats I found more comfortable and the premier service and amenities. order.

I booked a business class ticket from Toronto to Montreal for about $200 and found it had perks that Amtrak only offers first class passengers, like meal service and access to lounges at select stations, including Toronto.

I also booked an economy ticket on Via Rail from Montreal to Quebec for about $150, and thought it was more spacious and than an Amtrak seat.

Overall, I found train travel to be more comfortable and enjoyable in Canada than I usually do in the US. It makes me want to explore Canada more by train and maybe try more courses, such as sleeping cars and luxury accommodation.

The insider paid for the train tickets, in accordance with our reporting standards.

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