Betsy Ross House offering exclusive tours that allow guests to enter historic rooms

History buffs have the opportunity to enter parts of the Betsy Ross house that are usually blocked off by plexiglass barriers, such as the bedroom where the seamstress is said to have sewn the first American flag.

Airbnb experiences offers exclusive tours of the Betsy Ross House in the Old Town as part of a larger effort to help historic sites and museums recover from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guests will be able to enter the store where Ross worked as an upholsterer and the lounge where she is said to have hosted George Washington and the Continental Congress Flag Committee. And, of course, they’ll get a close look at the room where she supposedly secretly sewed the flag.

The 90-minute tour will also detail how Ross made musket balls to support the Continental Army during the American Revolution. It will include various anecdotes from Ross’s life and historical artifacts from the house’s collection, including personal items that are not on display to the public.

Guests will also be able to meet a historical Ross impersonator, who will answer questions about his life.

The Airbnb Experiences tour will be available every Thursday from October 28 to December 23, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day. Admission is $ 50 per person or $ 400 for a private group of up to eight people. All the guests must wear face masks.

The tours are part of a effort put in place by Airbnb and Made By Us – a national coalition of historical and civic organizations – to support historic sites. Other sites offering exclusive tours are the National Archives and Ford’s Theater in Washington.

Each site will keep 100% of the profits. Historic Philadelphia, the organization that manages the Betsy Ross House, said it would use the funds for preservation, conservation and operational expenses.

“Historic sites and museums are the heart of our cities and, as custodians of our stories, they contain essential tools and information we need to shape our future,” said Caroline Klibanoff, CEO of Made By Us. “By partnering with Airbnb, these experiences provide entertainment, learning, and a deeper context of how we live today, sparking customer curiosity and supporting our institutions. “

The Betsy Ross House opened in 1898. The museum honors Ross as a patriot and entrepreneur who ran his own home and business during the War of Independence.

The 18th century style townhouse was originally built in 1740 and has been furnished to reflect the period of the American Revolution. Ross is said to have lived in the residence from 1776 to 1779.

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