Biden heading towards reopening US to overseas travel, with vaccine requirement

International arrivals Tolga Akmen / AFP / Getty Images

President Biden has maintained most of the COVID-19 travel restrictions enacted by his predecessor, but his administration is taking the first steps towards reopening the United States to foreign visitors, a White House official said. The Washington Post and The Associated Press Wednesday night. After a gradual opening, “eventually, all foreign citizens entering the country, with a few exceptions, should be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the United States.” PA reports.

Even though other countries have opened up travel to fully immunized U.S. visitors, the United States still prohibits entry to non-U.S. Residents who have visited China, the European Union, Britain, Ireland, in Brazil, India and South Africa in the previous 14 days. . U.S. allies, the airline and tourism industry, and Americans with relatives abroad have pressured the Biden administration to ease travel restrictions, and U.S. government agencies s ‘strive to make this happen safely, for fully vaccinated strangers eventually.

The details of the vaccination requirement will be worked out “when the time comes to switch to this new system,” a White House official told the United States. To post. No timetable has been announced.

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