Big holidays are not welcome in Gloucester Township, NJ

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP – Two large groups that were charging a fee to attend, including one with a security guard, were dispersed by police on Saturday night.

Police Chief David J. Harkins said the parties with loud music and several hundred people parking their vehicles in all neighborhoods are straining his department’s resources. These are also violations of zoning laws.

“These out of control ‘for-profit’ parties are taking place in residential neighborhoods that are not designed to handle these types of events. Both residences have been referred to the Township of Gloucester Zoning and Code Offices. for violations, ”Harkins said.

Police were called late Saturday night to a party in Gable Court after reports of large crowds on the streets and loud music as people left, according to Harkins.

Things took a serious turn when a 17-year-old attempted to start a fight and refused to comply with an officer’s orders. The crowd began to surround the policeman, prompting all available police officers to attend the scene and a request for assistance from nearby police forces.

The teenager was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction and turned over to his parents, according to Harkins.

Owner Gerald Brown has been charged with maintaining a nuisance.

Party with a prize

More than 250 people were at an early evening graduation party on Laurel Wood Court that charged an admission fee of $ 20 to $ 25 with cars parked all over the normally quiet neighborhood, according to Harkins. A security guard had been hired.

Owner Tavon Miles has been charged with maintaining a nuisance, disorderly people offense.

Participants were also fined for blocking driveways and intersections and entering yards on nearby Downs Avenue, the chief said.

“To be clear, there is nothing wrong with having family and friends for a party. This is not what we encountered today. Residents are strongly encouraged not to use their home. and their pool to earn money, ”Harkins said. .

The chief said his department would use all possible means to keep the peace in the neighborhoods and would not tolerate “parties to make money in our neighborhoods”.

“These parties often go viral and draw revelers from across the region, whose intent is to get drunk and wreak havoc on neighbors and police officers who respond,” Harkins said.

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