Birmingham-based nonprofit provides free resources for finding childcare

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – We’re by your side with a free service you can use to find a daycare center in central Alabama.

Childcare Resources, a Birmingham-based non-profit organization, helps guardians find childcare services for children up to 5 years old.

They also help eligible families find financial assistance and provide training for caregivers.

Difficulties in finding and paying for child care services are among the main reasons parents do not return to work, contributing to the current labor shortage in our state.

We spoke with Childcare Resources Executive Director Joan Wright, who said this is an opportunity for small businesses and businesses to get involved in child care for employees.

“It would be great for companies to invest in their working families to help offset this cost of care,” she said. “Because this is what this employer earns: It earns a more confident, productive and focused employee who doesn’t have to struggle and worry: ‘How am I going to care for myself? I don’t know where I can put my child. I need help.”

Wright said that when employers can offset the cost of child care, they are also investing in our future workforce.

Click on here to find out how Childcare Resources can help.


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