Birmingham mother fears her son may fall behind after quarantine following COVID exposure

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (WBRC) – According to the latest figures from schools in the city of Birmingham, 258 students are in quarantine due to COVID-19.

Parents are now scrambling to find ways to keep their kids going while they are away from the classroom.

“I received a call from the school nurse indicating that my son was exposed to someone who had COVID in his classroom.”

Zaquilya Jones received the dreaded phone call on Monday. Her 8-year-old son, Mason, attends Henry J. Oliver Elementary School. Jones said the school nurse asked him to keep the mason at home until August 27.

She immediately had Mason and herself tested for COVID-19.

The results came back negative, but she fears what will happen when she returns.

“He is in quarantine, but when he returns he could still be exposed. I’m not even going to say they don’t, but since I drop my son off at school they just walk in. There is no temperature control, none of that. So what precautions do you all take at school so that children don’t get COVID? Jones said.

Jones said that in addition to the stress, Mason was not given a school kit to stay in tune with his classmates while he was at home.

In a statement, Birmingham City Schools said: “Students who are quarantined or absent from school due to COVID-19 are contacted by their school to make arrangements for schoolwork.”

Nobody reached out to me and said, “Hey, we’re working on so-and-so, and they don’t have anything virtual, nothing virtual, so he can still be in class, it’s unacceptable to me, ”Jones says.

Jones said she knew Grade 3 was a critical year for students and feared her son would be late when he returned to class.

“As a parent I’m lost because I don’t know what he’s working on in class,” Jones said.

Jones said if distance learning had been an option this year, she would have kept Mason at home until the coronavirus pandemic was under control.

We have contacted the Birmingham City School Superintendent’s Office to find out what the plan is for more potential COVID outbreaks, but Dr Sullivan was not available.

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