Blackpool man finds bizarre letter posted in letterbox accusing him of ‘sneaking’ into neighbors’ KFC delivery

Ian Dickman said he found the handwritten note – which called him “a greedy little gremlin” – posted in his mailbox Wednesday evening (June 9) after a delivery driver called his home to drop off an order for fried chicken sent to his house by mistake. Photo: Ian Dickman

Ian Dickman said he found the handwritten note – which called him ‘a greedy little gremlin’ – posted in the letterbox at his Bispham home on Wednesday evening (June 9).

Earlier that night, a delivery driver called Ian’s home to drop off the £ 36 order of fried chicken, which had been sent to his home in error.

Ian refused the delivery and explained to the driver that his family had not placed the order. The chicken bucket was taken and returned to the restaurant.

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But soon after, he found a strange note posted anonymously through his door, angrily accusing him of “eating a succulent KFC intended for a neighbor.

The hastily scrawled letter read, “I know you just walked into a succulent KFC that must be mine. I ordered it from your address accidentally (sic).

“I thought I had faith in humanity, but BOY I WAS WRONG!

“You took my KFC in your GOB without remorse! Any decent person would not (sic) have accepted it. But you are just a greedy little gremlin.

“Thanks for being a tight ass. PS You owe me £ 36.”

Despite asking Ian for a ‘refund’, the ‘starving’ wordmaker didn’t leave a correct phone number or address.

A puzzled Ian shared the note on Facebook, explaining that he had not accepted the order and retaliating at the “idiot” for not knowing their own address.

He said, “To the person who put this in my mailbox, you should have had the decency to strike up and find out the truth,” Ian said.

“We’re not the idiot who ordered his take out and couldn’t remember his own address.

“Yes, they hit, but they were clearly told it wasn’t ours and the two took it away in a silver car.

“There is CCTV across the street, if you want to add to your embarrassment we would be happy to get it. So we don’t owe you anything.”

The bizarre episode sparked a lot of fun on a local Facebook group.

“I’m surprised he didn’t ask to feel your fingers,” one man joked.

Another person said: “So this person orders a kfc from an address ‘by mistake’. Didn’t bother to rectify it with kfc. Didn’t bother to knock and ask. , write a note and hand it over to “said address”? It’s your fault, buddy. “

“I love how you are called a greedy little gremlin, but he was the one who spent £ 36 on KFC!” Said another.

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