Blackpool SouthDoc to open in September, but TD calls for earlier reopening

Blackpool SouthDoc has been given the green light to reopen, but TD is now asking for the reopening date to be brought forward.

The GP’s out-of-hours clinic closed at the start of the pandemic and a number of different dates have been given for reopening.

In a letter that was sent to TD, Michael Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Cork Kerry Community Healthcare, has now confirmed that the clinic will reopen on September 6.

The letter read: ‘From September 6, 2021, Blackpool-related calls will be handled by the Blackpool Treatment Center where they will be clinically evaluated by an on-site physician.

SouthDoc in Blackpool

“The type and nature of treatment will be decided in the normal way depending on the clinical needs of each patient.

“Until the above changes take effect, the service delivery model will remain as it is, with patients being seen by appointment in Blackpool and Listowel.

“The SouthDoc board will continue to monitor the demand for the service and if there is an increase in the number of patients accessing the service, they may review the above to ensure the appropriate service is available.”

Although the news was widely welcomed, TDs said the three-month wait for the clinic to reopen was too long for residents.

The TD MIck Barry of Solidarity and Socialist Party is just one of the TDs who are asking for the reopening date to be brought forward.

“It is not acceptable to me that SouthDoc is actually saying that it will take another 3 months before the full reopening of the Blackpool service. This reopening date must be brought forward.”

Councilor Ken O’Flynn is sad he is following up to see if the reopening date can be changed.

“” While welcome, the people of the Northside still face a summer of trekking up Kinsale Road to access SouthDoc !! I will ask why the service cannot be implemented for the remainder of June ”.

TD Thomas Gould for Sinn Fein thanked residents for their support and thanked them for pushing for the reopening.

“This is in large part thanks to our fight against the shutdown. While I am pushing for a reopening sooner than that, we at least know that we will get our doctor back after hours.

“I won’t let this slide slip as we know Southdoc has gone back on those decisions in the past.”

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