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Blockbuster, the popular home movie and video game rental service provider, took to Twitter to check out how everyone was doing on the microblogging app. Internet users seemed to enjoy the survey and responded hilariously to the tweet.

This tweet was shared from Blockbuster’s official Twitter account in the US on August 11.

Check out the tweet that seems to have caught the attention of internet users, collecting nearly 7.5 lakh likes as well as over 1.1 lakh retweets and several comments.

Here’s how Twitter users responded to the share. One person said:

Another person wrote: “Hello, old friend”. “Sorry for all those times we delivered your movies late,” a comment below the thread read.

“It’s not Thursday, we’re not ready for this flashback,” the official Xbox Twitter account proclaimed. It seems that many on the thread agree with this notion.

Here are some other reactions from the thread:

However, Blockbuster’s comeback didn’t last very long. Just hours after making his presence known on the microblogging app, he tweeted, “Okay, we’ve seen enough. Verification “.

Wasn’t it a short but sweet visit?

But if you’re not quite ready to quit the nostalgic express just yet, don’t worry. Blockbuster has teamed up with Airbnb and is hosting a ‘late summer sleepover’ at The Last Blockbuster. Some lucky residents of Bend, Oregon may be able to enjoy this 1990s-themed experience for a limited time.

What do you think of this Blockbuster post?

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