Blockmate launches IoT blockchain platform

London, Amsterdam, May 27, 2022: Blockmate Ventures Inc. Announced the Launch of a Wholly Owned Company Hivellospecialist in the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) blockchain infrastructures.

The first blockchain to be connected to Hivello is Helium, which provides connectivity to a decentralized IoT network that rewards participants within the network.

By joining the Hivello Network, individuals and landlords can earn passive income by hosting a Hivello hotspot on their premises, similar to a landlord renting out their room on Airbnb, the company said in a statement. Press statement.

The Helium IoT blockchain network operates globally, independent of cellular network operators and with low power consumption. It has more than 800,000 connected access points that transfer data from IoT devices to the cloud using the network’s LoRaWan protocol and includes customers such as Sales Force and Lime using the network.

Using a proprietary algorithm, Hivello is able to maximize the gain capacity of each access point belonging to the network, performing location analysis powered by data science, radio frequency analysis and years of team experience. This allows potential sites to be reviewed in minutes, not hours or days.

Certified Hivello network participants then receive a package tailored specifically for their type of location that includes the best access point, with the best antenna and accessories based on the IoT activity of the geographic location.

Hivello was co-founded by Andrew Smith who has over 15 years of experience in online, mobile and FinTech businesses. In his last venture before co-founding Hivello, Andrew co-founded cryptocurrency payments and regtech firm Banxa Holdings Inc in 2014, where he served as Director of European Operations before co-founding Hivello in early 2022.

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