Bloo launches revolutionary toilet blocks offering the best cleanliness ever

With research revealing that 86% of UK households have access to their cistern tank, Bloothe number one sanitary hygiene brand in the UK, today launches its new one-of-a-kind toilet blocks.

Toilet cistern blocks provide stronger, longer lasting results. The 2-in-1 formula foams and releases blue water with every flush to clean the toilet bowl and prevent limescale and grime buildup, keeping toilets hygienically clean between deep cleanings. It also releases a refreshing scent that spreads throughout the bathroom to invigorate the senses.

Each toilet block pack lasts up to 800 flushes giving up to four weeks of freshness and comes in two varieties – Original Blue and Limescale Prevention. The new packaging is fully recyclable as it is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Bloo’s toilet blocks are the first step in the company’s recommended cleaning regimen. Start the cleaning process from inside the tank by dropping a tablet into the tank for a hygienic, clean and scented toilet.

Replace with a new block when the color begins to fade. Follow with a rim block and toilet gel to keep the bowl fresh.

Rebecca Bland, spokesperson for Bloo, said: “Our research has shown that we spend more than a week on the toilet every year, that’s 21 months in a lifetime4. Since people spend a lot of time there, we want to create a unique product to make it easy to upgrade their toilet. By using our new toilet blocks, they can now ensure that their toilets are fresh, hygienic and clean from the inside.


  • Bloo Original Blue Toilet Blocks
  • Bloo Limescale Prevention Toilet Blocks

Stockist: Amazon B&M, Home Bargains, Costco and other grocery stores. MSRP: £2.50

Bloo’s toilet blocks are available from select retailers across the UK including Amazon, B&M, Home Bargains, Wilko, Costco, Sainsbury’s and other high street shops, grocery stores and wholesale outlets. RRP £2.50. For more information on Bloo, visit:

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