Boating Startup Anchor Buys $ 2.5 Million To Bring On-Demand Yachting To A Marina Near You

TAMPA, Florida, August 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Yacht charter at anchor – a managed market technology platform that connects private yacht owners and licensed captains with those seeking an unforgettable experience on the water – announced today $ 2.5 million in seed funding led by Austin-based Silverton Partners.

After an impressive 400% organic growth in 2020, the company raised capital to expand its presence in key US and international travel markets.

Anchor was established in 2016 by Hatraf after losing his dear friend in a drunk boat accident and started renting boats with sober captains on Missouri Lake of the Ozarks. Since then, Anchor has more than 700 rosters in more than 20 cities, deploying certified Coast Guard captains trained in CPR, first aid, safety, navigation, and subjected to Homeland Security background checks and random drug tests. It is the only platform that has received the United States Coast Guard (USCG) seal of approval for safety standards.

“On average, a boat or yacht goes unused 92% of the time, which is not only bad for the boat itself, but costly for the owner who pays to maintain it,” said the founder and CEO of Anchor. Zach Hatraf. “By taking advantage of the Anchor platform and service, yacht owners can relax and capitalize on that downtime by turning their boat into a turnkey business, with a little help from Anchor. Like the world’s Uber and Airbnb business models, Anchor’s model works for all parties involved by providing a platform that reduces costs and barriers to accessing luxury browsing experiences, while providing all the resources. which a yacht owner needs to be safe, legal, compliant and profitable. ”

With its first round of institutional funding, the company plans to build on the success of its proprietary “managed market” platform, which is referred to as a “game changer” by industry experts. The Anchor platform provides users with access to a range of turnkey nautical services and experiences, top-notch insurance, a dedicated concierge team, and local U.S. Coast Guard licensed captains who are familiar with the lanes. local waterways. Not to mention, a beautiful yacht for the day.

“The demand for luxury maritime tourism has skyrocketed in a $ 55 billion industry, ”said Mike Dodd, a general partner at Silverton Partners. “This investment underscores our confidence in Anchor’s ability to bring a new level of efficiency and innovation to the yachting industry, and we look forward to working together and seeing them grow.”

Anchor is currently available in cities across Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, new York & Washington DC Boat owners who join the Anchor program can set their own rates and manage their calendars online. There are even federal tax incentive programs encouraging homeowners to join programs like Anchor.

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About the anchor

Anchor is a community of amazing captains and passionate boat owners who want to share their love of the water with you! We’ll help you find the perfect boat or yacht and introduce you to friendly captains and crews for the perfect experience on the water. Renting the yacht of your dreams has never been easier.

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