Body of escort found stuffed in barrel in New Jersey was hauled out of Wall Street building

The naked body of a high-end escort was stuffed into a 55-gallon barrel in New York City and dumped in New Jersey, The Post has learned.

The grim discovery was made on the morning of August 13 when residents of Ridgefield Park spotted the large plastic container on the street at Hobart Street and Teaneck Road and noticed a foul odor, according to New Jersey Police and NYPD sources.

Surveillance video shows the barrel rolled out of 95 Wall Street – an upscale apartment building in the Financial District – and loaded into a U-Haul van around 10:45 p.m. the day before, according to law enforcement sources.

A building security guard questioned the drum when it was brought in, but the man said it was moving and was later seen unrolling it on a luggage rack, sources said.

The woman was later identified as Nicole Flanagan after cops released her fingerprints, according to a source, who said the 42-year-old had previously been arrested for prostitution.

95 Wall Street is an upscale building in the Financial District.

Flanagan is on surveillance video entering the building that night with a man, who has been identified as a member of the Snow gang, sources said.

The building, which is converted office space, rents apartments on Airbnb, according to online reviews, and has a number of complaints filed with the NYPD, police said.

A Bergen County medical examiner found no signs of injury to the body and ordered a toxicology report, sources added.

Local police referred the questions to the Bergen County District Attorney’s Office, which did not immediately respond on Thursday.

Last week, the county agency said it was investigating “the circumstances of the death and the origin of the container” but did not disclose the woman’s name or the New York connection.

The NYPD was involved in the New Jersey Police investigation into the death on Wednesday, sources said.

The cops are still looking for the U-Haul, sources added.

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