Boise Airport offers spring break tips for travelers

Spring Break is always an exciting time for students, families, and anyone who gets that little “break” from the madness. With spring break, there is often good weather and an urge to get somewhere warm – warmer than Boise, that is.

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Do you have travel plans that will involve the Boise airport? Here are some tips on what to expect, prepare for and keep in mind from the airport itself!

  • Boise Airport parking will be LIMITED. This has been a huge problem for travelers lately – with the outdoor parking lot and parking garage being filled to the brim and travelers being frustrated with the economy lot. Not only is this lot full, but construction efforts to expand parking at the airport mean that some of this long-term parking at the airport is now occupied by construction crews and equipment. Need to leave your car? Consider the more affordable Economy Lot option, which includes a free airport shuttle. You can also check the live parking status at the airport on their website.
  • Travel increases during spring break, so arrive early. The last thing you want is to miss a flight because of long TSA waits. Normally, getting out of the Boise airport is a breeze, but with an increase in travel during spring break, you don’t know what to expect. Boise airport officials recommend giving yourself AT LEAST 90 minutes.
  • Some construction “traffic” is to be expected due to parking lot construction – be mindful of lane changes and changes in traffic flow.
  • COVID protocol went nowhere at the Boise airport. Federal mandates still require masks, so be prepared to wear one. An important reminder if you haven’t traveled in a while.
  • Along with the Boise Police Department, Boise Airport wants your home safe while you’re away as well. Have trusted neighbors watch your property and lock those doors!

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