Bolt to launch 15-minute grocery delivery in Prague

Estonian startup Bolt, known primarily for operating an alternative taxi service, will launch a new service in the Czech Republic. Bolt Market will begin delivering food and personal care products within fifteen minutes of placing an order.

“We will be launching it in the coming months not only in the Czech Republic but also in other Central European countries,” said Jakub Dvořák, country director of the company.

“We will have several warehouses located in the city and we will use the current courier network to be able to deliver it within 15 minutes from the moment you click on the order button. We see that there is a high demand for this service not only in the Czech Republic but in the world, ”he adds.

Delivery will be handled by existing couriers and drivers using the Bolt apps. This could be a problem for the new service, as the entire segment has experienced a driver shortage in recent months, leading to higher prices due to the growing demand for the release of pandemic measures.

In recent months, Bolt has attracted new drivers with an entry bonus of 25,000.

Bolt Market will focus mainly on groceries and basic hygiene needs, “but we don’t want to compete with other services in the market, such as Košík or Rohlík, but precisely with speed.

In an interview with Forbes, Jevgeni Kabanov, Bolt’s chief product officer, said the dark store installation was part of a “larger strategy” around Bolt’s food vertical.

Many online grocery stores have emerged over the past year with a similar “15-30 minute delivery” business model if you take a look.

“This [15-minute delivery] That’s what most of these dark stores are targeting and that’s definitely what we’ll be targeting, ”Kabanov said.

Founded in 2013 by Markus Villig, Bolt is today the largest player in the micro-mobility market in Europe and Africa.

It offers carpooling and micro-mobility services (with electric scooters and electric bikes), as well as food and parcel delivery, and has more than 50 million customers in 200 cities in 40 countries.

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