Book this quaint Illinois Airbnb in the middle of a wilderness hideaway

As a bonus, it’s also in the middle of southern Illinois wine country.

The Refuge Cottage on the Shawnee Wine Trail is the latest Airbnb ad to gain viral attention.

Located in the Southern Illinois town of Carbondale, this property is not far from civilization, but is also tucked neatly into the woods for complete privacy.

Nestled in the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge, 20 minutes from the SIUC (Southern Illinois University Carbondale) campus and located on the Shawnee Wine Trail. The Refuge Cottage offers a perfect location to enjoy beautiful southern Illinois. Hike along scenic forest trails or kayak down to a nearby lake!

These people also fully realize why people would want to be alone in the woods when they explicitly state in their post that you are free to smoke as much weed as you want.

**NOTE** Recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois @ See dispensary guide for more information or send us a message: We are “420 Friendly” just ask that when you partake of a way that can create an odor, you do it outside or on the screened porch.

So you want to have fun in the woods and stay in someone’s cabin? This Airbnb is for you.

Let’s take a look at what to expect in Southern Illinois:

Attachment-Untitled Design (6)

Rustic, that’s how I would describe it. Pretty flowers. A bit dirty, but you are in the middle of the woods after all.

Attachment-Untitled Design (7)

I believe this porch is where they would like you to take your drugs. Looks like it would do the job.

Attachment-Untitled Design (8)

Just an absolutely gorgeous outdoor seating area with a fire pit. Looks like the perfect place to drink an irresponsible amount of beer with your friends.

Attachment-Untitled Design (9)

The two main bedrooms. The listing says the cabin sleeps 6. I hope they don’t expect two unmarried adults to share either of these twin beds.

Attachment – Untitled Design (10)

Or maybe they expect someone to sleep in that papasan chair. It looks like a wonderful place to relax after a long sitting on the terrace.

Attachment-Untitled Design (11)

It is the kitchen. Does it really worry you? Does anyone cook a 3 course meal while on vacation in the woods? Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool. It’s just that the only thing I worry about when vacationing in a place like this is if the fridge is big enough to hold all the beer. That shouldn’t be a problem with a full kitchen like this.

The place is also quite inexpensive, around $125 a night for a cottage that sleeps six, a really good deal.

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