Brand new film studio to arrive in Dutchess County

The Hudson Valley is truly becoming “the new Hollywood”.

With so many celebrity sightings and shoots in the area, we recently dubbed the area “Hollywood on the Hudson”.

In 2019, film productions increased by more than 55% compared to 2018, confirmed Laurent Rejto of the Hudson Valley Film Commission.

After a sluggish year in 2020, due to the pandemic, Hollywood on the Hudson was fully effective in 2021. So much so that Fox 5 reported last month to “find out if the Hudson Valley is in becoming the new Hollywood “.

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One of the reasons for the Hollywood boom in the Hudson Valley is that the area reopened before New York City, according to the Fox report.

“The Hudson Valley has everything you need to make a movie. We have urban environments, we have forests, we have mountains, we have rivers. You can shoot anything,” he said. said Laurent Rejto, director of the Hudson Valley Film Commission.

According to the Hudson Valley Film Commission, June was the busiest month for film and television productions in the Hudson Valley.

Productions in the Hudson Valley are likely to increase if reports of a new film studio in Dutchess County come true. The Times Union reports that a brand new film studio on the old IBM campus in East Fishkill will be officially announced in late July.

The Dutchess County Film Studio will be the Hudson Valley’s tallest soundstage and the region’s first new construction soundstage, according to the Times Union.

National Resources is building the Dutchess County studio. The company is working with Lionsgate Films to build a $ 100 million film and television production complex in Westchester County.

Amazon is also building a 631,000 square foot warehouse on the former IBM campus in East Fishkill. When complete, Amazon will create at least 500 full-time jobs and up to 700 part-time positions. Construction will lead to approximately 400 temporary positions.

In March, the Hudson Valley Post reported that Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor had been sold for an undisclosed amount to a company considering turning it into a film production studio.

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