Brazilian drag artist says GOP rep George Santos ‘couldn’t cut it’ as drag queen: ‘He’s crazy’

U.S. Representative George Santos (R-NY).Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

  • A Brazilian drag performer said Thursday that GOP Rep. George Santos “couldn’t do it” as a drag queen.

  • The performer, Eula Rochard, also told Insider on Thursday that Santos “is crazy.”

  • Santos denied performing as a drag queen.

Brazilian drag performer who says she was once friends with GOP representative George Santos told NBC News that the newly elected congressman “couldn’t cut it” as a drag queen. The performer, who uses the drag name Eula Rochard, also spoke to Insider via Instagram on Thursday.

Santos had an “outdated sense of grandeur” and “lied all the time,” Rochard told NBC, adding that Santos “was never the kind of drag queen who could keep the show going.”

The New York congressman denied ever performing in drag.

“The most recent media obsession that I’m a drag queen or that I’ve ‘performed’ as a drag queen is categorically untrue,” Santos said. said in a tweet from his official account. “The media continues to make outrageous claims about my life as I work to get results. I will not be distracted or confused by this.”

Insider asked Rochard for a response to Santos’ denial. “He’s crazy,” Rochard said in Portuguese.

Santos’ denial came after Rochard and another acquaintance told Reuters that he competed as a drag queen in Brazilian beauty pageants over a decade ago.

Rochard told the outlet that she first befriended Santos in 2005, when he cross-dressed in the first gay pride parade in suburban Rio de Janeiro. She added that Santos competed as a drag queen in a 2008 beauty pageant in Rio.

The other acquaintance asked Reuters not to be named, but said she also knew Santos from Brazil and that he had participated in drag queen contests and wanted to be Miss Gay Rio de Janeiro.

Santos was consumed by scandal even before arriving in Washington. He lied on his CV, falsely claimed his mother died on September 11and was suspicious of how his sudden unexplained wealth helped fund his run for Congress. several Republicans, including senior officials in New York, called on him to resign. Santos rejected those calls.

President Kevin McCarthy also didn’t want to kick Santos out, which means the New Yorker probably won’t be forced to move away from Washington any time soon.

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