Brits race back from Portugal to beat two-week quarantine

2. You can walk and walk and walk

WWith space come the opportunities to stroll. Not least, perhaps, along the Kungsleden – the “King’s Trail”, which cuts a path through 270 miles of glorious scenery away from city life. Specifically, it starts at Hemavan – which is 570 miles above Stockholm near the Norwegian border – and heads (roughly) north to Abisko in the Arctic Circle. It would be a brave vacationer to attempt the entirety, but you can tackle a good portion of the trail (the northernmost segment including Abisko National Park) via the Self-Guided “Kungsleden” Walking Vacation sold by Macs Adventure (0141 530 3738; – eight days covering 65 miles, from £ 565 per person (including accommodation – but not flights).

3. It has the largest lake in the European Union

Not only is Sweden the third largest country in the EU (France and Spain are bigger, if that interests you), but it can claim the largest body of freshwater in the Union. This is Lake Vanern – the southwest corner of which is 50 fully accessible miles northeast of Gothenburg’s second largest city (more info below). It’s a majestic affair, opening its arms to 2,180 square miles in area – a statistical enormity that makes it larger than Trinidad and Tobago (yes, the whole country, the two islands combined). And you can, of course, take a vacation on its shores.

Find plenty of other reasons here, including amazing secluded hotels, white sandy beaches, and blankets of snow in winter.

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