Burglaries skyrocket in two Vegas neighborhoods

When you think of high crime areas in Vegas, you normally think of downtown. Any street named after a letter or number was usually a place to stay away from at night. Now there is an unexpected area in Vegas be hit by high crime.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has been on high alert after a series of burglaries on the west side, 8 news now reports. Away from the city center, it used to be a quiet and safe place to live. A neighborhood affected by these crimes is Peccole Ranchwhich is located near Sahara and Fort Apache region. Another is queensridgelocated nearby Charleston and Fort Apache.

Several homes have been hit by burglaries in this neighborhood lately. And although there is a security post at the entrance to the queensridge neighborhood, Metro thinks the tunnel system is to blame. Burglars have easy access to the neighborhood through the tunnels and a quick escape with the stolen goods.

The suspects are believed to have parked in Peccole Ranch, South of Queensridge. And used the tunnel system to cross Charleston and access Queensridge Estates.

Car burglaries have been reported as well as home invasions. And recently, in Queensridge Estates, it got even worse. Two elderly residents are in critical condition today as a burglary led to the couple’s torture, including the elderly woman’s near drowning.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department approached residents with cameras on their homes. The footage helped identify movement patterns of some of the suspects. It seems no matter where we live Vegashaving a home security system is no longer negotiable.

This is an ongoing investigation. If you have information that could help you, contact the LVMPD at 702-828-3111.

Wendy Rush, 96.3KKLZ

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Las Vegas is about to attract a ton of tourists this year

Buckle your belt, Vegas. We’re about to have a major influx of tourists in 2023. And we’re not just talking about the typical flow of bachelor and bachelorette parties. Or seasonal events like rodeo or EDC. We mean tourists running around the Strip all day. Every day. All year.

There are many new casinos, entertainment venues and amusement parks opening this year in Vegas. Some brand new. Other projects that have been waiting for a long time to open. These additional attractions will bring new visitors and repeat visitors to experience what’s new in city ​​of sin.

And it won’t just be adults looking to play. With the opening of some new child-friendly attractions in Vegas, you can bet the kids are coming too. Inflation is here to stay, and places like Disneyland do not lower their prices to help families. So parents will need a new family tradition for their summer adventures. And we will soon be opening a room that will give them exactly that.

In fact, it could be a good year for Vegas residents to consider putting their homes on Airbnb or turn it into a short-term rental property. And if you plan to be in Vegas in February 2024, stock your shelves and plan to lock down completely this second weekend. Super Bowl LVIII to come Allegiant Stadium will do Vegas crazier than ten Vegas New Year’s Eve parties combined.

Many travel websites point the finger Vegas as the place tourists must see this year. And it tops the lists of places tourists are most eager to visit. So what exactly are the new attractions that are bringing people to our neighborhood this year? We have compiled a list of those that tourists are already talking about. Wendy Rush

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