Burnaby tenant says he was kicked out by Airbnb owner

All Terry wants to find is decent rentable accommodation in Burnaby that he can afford.

To be clear, he already had one of those places – a condo in Metrotown – but his landlord gave him the boot a few months ago when Terry was a model tenant who was quiet and paid his rent on time every month.

“All of the landlords told me I was the dream tenant,” said Terry. “I don’t organize parties. I have no one at home. I’m calm. I always pay my bills on time and am the cleanest person you will find.

I used to be a homeowner so I would have loved to rent a space from someone like Terry. I would have begged for that, to be honest.

So, what gives?

“My landlord decided she could make more money renting the place on Airbnb,” Terry said. “Once the restrictions started to lift, she decided that was the direction to go. I understand. But Airbnb is helping to ruin the rental market and now I’m stuck surfing the couch until I can find new accommodation. It takes longer than I expected. There are places available, but not enough to meet demand, so I am competing with so many other people. I don’t want to leave Burnaby because that’s where I work too, but maybe I should.

I guess I “get it” too. From what some have told me, you can definitely make more money by listing your place on Airbnb, although there is no guarantee, especially in Burnaby, that your place will get the number of guests. in a month above the city sky. high rents.

I wrote before about a guy named Chad, whose owner wanted him to move suddenly so the owner could “rent him out to a family member.”

“Yes, now that the travel restrictions are lifted I guess the owner wants to re-post it on Airbnb,” says Chad, who doesn’t want his full name used as he now has to find new accommodation. “So he’s trying to get me to leave. I don’t know what my options are, but I wish the guy was honest about all of this. He’s been lying to me all this time.

At least Terry’s owner was being honest.

The floodgates have now opened as recreational travel in British Columbia opens and the weather improves.

And that leaves more and more tenants out of luck.

According to a report from Rentals.ca, Burnaby finished ninth on the average monthly rent list in June for a one-bedroom home at $ 1,669 and fourth for the average monthly rent for a two-bedroom home at $ 2,243. . On a month-to-month basis, the average rent for a one and two bedroom home in June edged up in Burnaby.

Airbnb ads don’t help the situation.

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