Byron Bay retreat featured in ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ available to book on Airbnb

While our time in the city has been sadly minimal lately, our hours spent streaming TV shows have skyrocketed. WWe’re always excited to see new shows set or made in Australia, which is one of the reasons we’re already addicted to success. Nine Perfect Strangers. Based on the best-selling book by Australian author Liane Moriarty, the series is currently streaming to us on Amazon Prime Video and was produced by the same team who adapted Moriarty’s other great novel. Big little lies – both series are of course directed by our Nicole Kidman.

From lingering shots of colorful smoothies in preparation to glass-walled yoga huts and an infinity pool overlooking a vast valley, this sight is as visually stunning as it is eerie. But did you know that spending a weekend with the show’s biggest star is actually a possibility? And no, we’re not talking about Nicole Kidman sporting a Russian accent and flowing linen kaftans, Melissa McCarthy portraying a washed-up author or Straya’s Asher Keddie at her best as a disgruntled wife. Tranquillum House, the retreat where we see history’s nine stressed-out city dwellers converge, is actually a Byron Bay property available for rent on Airbnb.

Photography: Supplied / Amazon Prime Video

The breathtaking ten rooms Luxury estate ‘Soma’ is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Peter Ostick and acclaimed wellness and meditation practitioner Gary Gorrow. Nestled in the hills a ten minute drive from Byron Township and set on 22 acres of lush bamboo forest with thousands of varieties of plant species, the property was designed as “the ultimate sanctuary away from civilization, where customers can optimize health and well-being ”. Features include a freshwater infinity pool, communal fire pit, central dining room that seats 16, and its own geodesic yoga dome ideal for group practice.

Soma RetreatPhotography: Airbnb / Romello Pereira

Gather your crew for a post-containment road trip and work your best Byron Baes cosplay. This ten-bedroom property sleeps 16 and costs $ 6,669.14 a night – or about $ 417 each if you divide the cost evenly. You can consult the list and available reservation dates here.

This luxury retreat is right at home in today’s new, post-Hemsworth Byron Bay look. Away from the working-class community it once was, house prices have skyrocketed over the past two years, making Byron the most expensive place to live in Australia. And like ABC reports, it drives local workers out of town.

Soma RetreatPhotography: Airbnb / Romello Pereira

As the old school dwellers relocate, a new generation is settling in the region with Australia becoming a destination for the film industry. So if you’re looking for a post-containment getaway with a chance to meet Hollywood, this is the place to go.

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