Calhoun County municipal vote results in August 2021

Yesterday’s local municipal elections went without any noticeable problem. The results of the top three issues facing voters in Calhoun County were released by the county election office shortly after the polls closed.

In Emmett Township, renewal of mileage for Township Police Department operations and payroll is approved with a vote count of 803 to 200. Decision means Emmett Township can resume billing owners premises not quite 1.7 thousandth per year. The average annual levy based on a $ 150,000 home will be around $ 125. Township Police Department Director Ken Cunningham said if the issue had failed it would have put him in an awkward position of having to slash staff and services from the second most heavily trafficked law enforcement agency. County, after the town of Battle Creek.

Union City Community Schools has asked voters to approve two issues, an operating mileage and a sinking fund mileage renewal. Both are approved on margins of around 2 to 1.

The Calhoun County Council of Solicitors is due to meet tomorrow to consider the vote and possibly certify the results.

A few voters in the Township of Bedford participated in the vote for an application to issue Hastings-area school system bonds. The overall vote on this issue has dropped from around 51% to 49% in opposition. A difference of 84 votes.

Voters in 54 of Michigan’s 83 counties went to the polls yesterday to decide their local issues.

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