Camila Cabello opens up about being ashamed of her body over bikini pics

Camila Cabello doesn’t change her life to appease crooks.

The singer of “Havana”, who will be the next star of the new musical Cinderella on Amazon Prime, spoke to Bustle about what it was like to have paparazzi photos of her in bikinis go viral to shame the body.

Camila Cabello, pictured here on the red carpet, remembers being humiliated. (Photo: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic)

“All day long I felt insecure,” Cabello told the outlet. “I felt like it changed my way of thinking about food and eating… it really bothered me.”

Later, however, the star turned to TikTok for scrutiny, sharing with her over 12 million subscribers how unsure she felt about running on an empty stomach.

“I wasn’t tucking him in, because I was running and existed like a normal person who didn’t tote him all the time,” Cabello explained. “And I was like, ‘Shit.’ But then I remembered that being at war with your body is so last season. “

Cabello reminded Bustle that she felt “liberated” after posting the TikTok.

“I went to the airport and so many women came up to me like, ‘I saw this TikTok and it resonated with me so much,'” she explained. “I actually feel my bodily insecurities lessened after posting this because I was like, ‘No matter what pictures come out or what people say, I am now in control of the narrative. “”

Now she has no interest in changing who she is for her enemies.

“You can work out a few hours a day and never eat carbs or whatever, but that’s just not a balanced life. This is not what I want, ”noted the former Fifth Harmony. “I can’t change to fit this mold.”

Cabello previously called for acceptance of the body in 2019, after coming across an article claiming people were shaming him. She turned to her Instagram story to write, “Honestly, the first thing I felt was super insecure, just IMAGINING what these photos should look like, ‘Oh no! My cellulite! Oh no! I didn’t suck my stomach! ‘ But then I was like… sure, there are bad images, of course, there are bad angles, my body isn’t made of fucking rock, or muscle, for that matter.

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