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But before heading out into the wild, there are a few important tips that Brits should consider for ensuring a successful and safe road trip.

Vehicle expert and Wessex Fleet Director Simon Naylor shared the most common mistakes people make when planning their next camping trip, especially those who are going for the first time.

First of all, he stressed the importance of taking enough time to prepare your car before leaving in order to avoid “a whole world of holiday hassles”.

“Organization is the key! Allow plenty of time for preparation and packing (and remember that your caravan or motorhome needs servicing, just like your car).

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“It’s especially important to make sure your car (or motorhome) is in top condition if you’re loaded for a trip.

“You don’t want to unpack everything along the way so you can access the tool kit or spare tire just because you didn’t do a few simple checks before you left home.

“Your family won’t thank you for forgetting!”

According to the expert, the weight of your caravan is very important and you should aim for an even distribution of the weight when packing in order to maintain stability on the road.


“Also, don’t forget that caravans have a legal load limit. Review it and your insurance will be invalid, ”he said.

Caravans are very heavy vehicles, which is why paying attention to the tires is crucial.

“You will probably have your loved ones on board. So pay special attention to the tires, check the tread and look for bulges.

“Older pickup trucks often drink oil, so check the fluid levels and take spare parts.

He continued, “Don’t leave the house without a full-size tire or space-saving tire and make room for a few essentials (like headlight bulbs and fuses) so you can make a quick and easy repair if necessary.”

Going camping is exciting, but Simon warned that it is very easy to get distracted while driving your trailer.

“Manage distractions,” added the expert.

“Vans are a lot of fun, but it can be very distracting for the driver if the family is playing games or having fun in the back. “

He also advised taking the time to familiarize yourself with the road before setting off again.

“Take the time to look at the route in advance, rather than just entering a postcode into the satellite navigation system when you leave.

“Think about how many breaks you will need to take, taking into account the number of drivers, as well as the age and needs of your passengers.

“It’s not always easy to follow satellite navigation instructions on unfamiliar roads at the end of a long trip, when everyone is tired and the kids are bored and restless,” he said. -he explains.

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