Can I be fined for damaging an Airbnb property?

STAYING at an Airbnb can be a great way to spend time with friends, family, or for a romantic night.

But what if you damage – accidentally or not – the property? Can you be fined?


As a traveler, can you be fined for damaging Airbnb property?

Ultimately, yes: you can be fined for damaging an Airbnb property.

This is done through the use of security deposits, which can be retained if a client damages a property.

There are two types of Airbnb security deposit: one that is requested by the host of the property and one that is requested by Airbnb itself.

Security deposit requested by the host

Some hosts require a deposit for their listing and they choose how much it will be.

If a guest damages a property, the host can make a request through Airbnb to get their security deposit back.

Host will provide evidence of damaged or missing property, which may include photos, videos, receipts or invoices.

If the request is approved by Airbnb, the company can use whatever payment details they have for a guest and take their security deposit.

Security deposit requested by Airbnb

In some cases, Airbnb itself requires a security deposit for a property.

The company will take a customer’s payment information and put a hold authorization for the security deposit.

Guests will not be charged, but will not be able to access this money until the hold is released.

As long as no physical damage occurs, Airbnb will release the hold and the money will remain in your account.

In the event of damage, hosts must follow the same procedure as if they had requested a security deposit themselves and request the funds through Airbnb.

What if there is no deposit?

If a host doesn’t ask for a security deposit, but a guest damages the property, they can contact the guest to ask for money.

However, customers will only be charged if they agree to pay – so if they refuse, they won’t be charged.

But hosts are also covered by Airbnb’s protection policy.

You will always be notified in advance if a property requires a security deposit.

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You can be fined for damaging an Airbnb property using security deposits


You can be fined for damaging an Airbnb property using security deposits
Woman left with £5,000 bill after booking Airbnb for her friend – who left burnt cushions and dog poo behind

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