Can you trust Bill Skarsgard? Watch an Exclusive Clip from the Horror Movie Barbarian and Decide for Yourself

Have you ever watched that prime time news program called What would you do? During it, ordinary people are basically followed by hidden cameras as they are placed in unusual situations, and we at home wonder how we would behave if we found ourselves in the same scenario. Sometimes participants (who don’t know they are being filmed) will see a child being bullied, and we wonder if they will intervene. Other times, a server may be abused by a “rude” guest. Will you get involved? It’s easy to say you’d do the right thing…but would you? This is something you might question after watching the next horror thriller Barbariclanding in theaters on September 9.

In the film, Tess (Georgina Campbell) has arrived in Detroit for a job interview which she has the next morning. It is raining. It’s dark, and when she arrives at the AirBNB she thinks she’s rented, it happens…

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