Cantonment couple named # 1 most hospitable hosts in Florida by Airbnb

Richard and Kim have 300 perfect opinions.

Airbnb said Florida’s most hospitable hosts are found just outside of Pensacola.

The company released a report on Tuesday featuring the No.1 hosts in each state. The company’s methodology was simple: achieve a rate of 100% 5-star reviews in the categories of cleanliness, registration and communication.

Airbnb allows travelers to rate their stays on a 5-star scale across multiple categories.

Many Florida hosts have loads of positive reviews, but there’s almost always a less than perfect review in the mix somewhere in there – maybe the host has had a day off, or maybe that the guest is a bit finicky.

Richard and Kim cantonments are the exception.

The Panhandle couple has two listings that have garnered over 300 5-star reviews in critical categories of hospitality and safety, and they’ve never received anything less.

Kim and Richard started with Airbnb when an apartment initially used by Kim’s mother became vacant. Their son suggested they turn it into Airbnb, which they did.

Of the two, Richard is the designated cleaner. In Kim’s words, he’s “very picky” about cleanliness.

Today, the couple welcomes with two announcements: “Quiet delight!” and “Just Peachy! A vintage draft. The former is a ‘Quiet and charming guest apartment with a country feel’ while the latter is a ‘Charming Retro Airstream Argosy from 1973’.

The couple also go above and beyond – they get up early to answer questions and make sure to share news of road closures or power outages with their guests. Their mantra is to try to say ‘yes’ to guests whenever possible, such as early check-in or late check-out.

Floridians – or anyone – with a trip to the horizon can check it out The Airbnb report to find the best hosts across the country.

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