Cape Town-based Filmspace seeks expansion in South Africa

South Africa: Filmspace, the Cape Town-based peer-to-peer marketplace that connects filmmakers with hosts offering unique movie-friendly venues, is looking to expand its offering to more South African cities, such as than Johannesburg and Durban.

Dubbed the “Local Film Industry’s Airbnb,” Filmspace allows users to search and book filming locations, while property owners and managers can list their own homes and apartments to generate new revenue streams.

Hosts and owners are able to set their own booking rules and flexible rates to accommodate different crew sizes and filming equipment.

Its founder, Blanche Franken, told Ventureburn: “During my film studies, I saw so many projects that never leave the ground. Manufacturing is expensive. I wanted to create a platform that would not only allow owners to make extra money, but also make the industry more accessible.

Founded in 2019, Filmspace aims to tap into an increasingly lucrative market worth an estimated R12 billion South African [approximately US$800 million], providing listings of residential, commercial, studio and mobile properties in ideal filming locations at affordable rates.

The platform currently lists more than 400 properties, including Cederberg’s Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve, the Radisson RED Hotel and the President Hotel.

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