Caribbean Tourism Organization Partners With Airbnb For Island Marketing

Homestay provider Airbnb partners with Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) to promote 18 of the group’s member countries through integrated marketing campaign featuring online profiles of each country, including protocols current travel plans.

The CTO-Airbnb collaboration “will amplify the Caribbean’s recovery from the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic by promoting safe and responsible travel to the region,” Airbnb said and Technical director officials in a statement released Wednesday.


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The marketing campaign will include email newsletters for Airbnb customers and a “Discover the Caribbean” section on Airbnb’s website highlighting CTO member countries and their respective COVID-19 travel protocols. In addition to promoting the homes in each destination, the section will provide links to each country’s website.

Airbnb is also “committed to sharing data with the CTO, including travel trends, to facilitate informed marketing decisions during this period of recovery,” officials said.

“As the Caribbean continues to reopen, we are helping usher in the safe return of travel to this wonderful region by highlighting the many places to see and things to do,” said Carlos Munoz, Policy Officer at Airbnb for Central America and the Caribbean.

“Partnering with Airbnb will help us promote the region responsibly by providing our members with a platform to showcase their destinations while highlighting the health safety measures each has implemented,” said Neil Walters, interim secretary general of the CTO.

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