Ceann Comhairle will travel to kyiv and address the Ukrainian Parliament

CEANN COMHAIRLE SEÁN Ó Fearghail and Seanad’s Cathaoirleach, Senator Mark Daly, have accepted an invitation from the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament to travel to Kyiv and address elected officials.

The pair will join an international delegation on the trip, which is expected to take place early next week.

Speaking today, Ó Fearghail said the mission was “an opportunity for Ireland to demonstrate its support for the people of Ukraine, their government and their parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, which continues to function despite incredibly difficult circumstances. difficult”.

The Dáil’s Ceann Comhairle said the trip comes “at a time when other countries are beginning to reopen their embassies in Kyiv” and “will be another symbol of normalization and highlight the incredible resilience of the people and government bodies from the country”.

Daly said the invitation to Kyiv “is the Ukrainian government’s recognition of the exceptional hospitality extended by the Irish people to Ukrainian refugees and the assistance and funding that is being provided to those still in Ukraine.”

Since the start of the war, Ireland has taken in more than 20,000 Ukrainian refugees.

“As an EU member country, it is crucial that Ireland plays a visible and vocal role in demonstrating EU support for Ukraine and Ireland’s support for EU membership. Ukraine to the EU,” Daly added.

In his invitation, the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Ruslan Stefanchuk, said: “I am convinced that your visit will become another strong message of solidarity and support for our state in this difficult period of struggle against the aggressor and democratic values. “.

The delegation will also visit some of the cities that have been ‘decimated by war and where atrocities have taken place, to underscore the need for those responsible to face justice for war crimes,’ an Oireachtas statement added. .

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