Chaos at Manchester Airport with long check-in queues

Britons reported hellish queues and baggage problems at Manchester Airport this morning.

Some described the day as “absolute and complete chaos”.

On social media, travelers expressed their frustration and one said the situation was “hell on earth”.

Massive queues have built up at check-in counters and security, reports MEN.

And, there were long queues all day for luggage upon arrival.

A holidaymaker shared a snapshot of the check-in queue and added that he ‘didn’t think he would make his flight’.

And, Bryan Elwick shared a similar snap and said the queue “almost got down to the station”.

Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1 security queue has been extremely long for weeks

At 5.20am, Marion Wolstenholme tweeted: “Chaos @manairport this morning. Almost 2 hours queuing to file a case and still no end in sight. Really really poor @easyJet.

“No organization, no communication. Upset, anxious and frustrated queues of customers.”

Another Twitter user called the airport a ‘carnage’ and added: ‘Absolute carnage yet again at @manairport. Security queues and no staff to help, flight leaves in 40 mins.’

At around 6.15am, Mhari Oakes commented, “Hell on earth this morning @manairport – avoid it like the plague!!!

“Everyone misses flights when he arrived three hours before departure. Absolute and complete chaos. No check-in staff.”

Many Britons tweeted that the security lanes took over 40 minutes, with some citing that it took them two hours to get through baggage drop and security.

The British waited hours for their luggage
The British waited hours for their luggage

While others claimed they didn’t miss their flight because they were dragged away by staff on the last call for their flight.

Kev Lowes tweeted a picture of a huge queue around 6.30am and said: “@manairport 2 hours to get through baggage drop and security at T2 (and only because we were ushered in as it was the last call for a flight 0650) The staff is great.

“The organization is an absolute disaster and beyond a joke. Worst pre-flight experience I have ever had.”

Others said their luggage took hours to be collected.

Adam Thomas took a picture of the baggage area and claimed he had to wait four hours for his suitcase.

Manchester Airport has been plagued with long waits and missed flights in recent weeks due to a lack of staff.

People are advised to arrive at least three hours before their flight.

Last weekend, a spokesperson for Manchester Airport said: “After two very damaging years, all of our operations are currently facing resource challenges, including many third parties operating at our site. , such as baggage handlers,” the statement read.

“We and our partners, including airlines and baggage handling agents, are actively recruiting for hundreds of positions and in the meantime we will continue to work together to ensure processes are running as efficiently as possible and to mitigate any issues. staff as much as possible.”

Long queues at Manchester Airport in the UK
Long queues at Manchester Airport in the UK

A Manchester Airport spokesperson said this week: ‘We apologize to any passengers whose experience at Manchester Airport this morning was not as they would have liked.

“As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we continue to advise customers that there may be times when security queues are longer than usual, which is why we are advising people to arrive three hours before their flight.

“Tuesday morning, while the vast majority of people cleared security in less than 30 minutes, wait times peaked at around an hour at one of our terminals for a short time, and we’re sorry. for the inconvenience caused. By 7am the security queues at all three terminals had improved considerably and were only 15 minutes at best.

“We are also aware that some passengers have reported delays when checking in with their airline and collecting baggage on their return. All parts of the aviation industry are facing challenges related to the rapid recovery from the pandemic and we are working hard with all of our partners including handling agents, airlines and others to provide the best possible service in circumstances.

Long queues at Manchester Airport on Monday morning
Long queues at Manchester Airport on Monday morning

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A Swissport spokesperson said: ‘We are sorry for the delays passengers experienced in collecting their baggage at Manchester Airport today.

“While the aviation industry is still recovering from the pandemic, we, like other ground handling services, are working hard to meet these challenges and have already welcomed almost 2,000 new colleagues to the UK and Ireland. .

“We understand how frustrating and inconvenient delays are and we continue to work with our partners to implement contingency measures and improve turnaround times.”

Daily Star has contacted EasyJet for comment.

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