Charges of the founder of Nikola – Mandate Uber Vax – Tanium trial

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1. Nikola founder Trevor Milton has been charged with fraud. Milton was accused of making false and misleading statements to investors, something Insider had explored in previous reports, where we found out he had a habit of distorting the truth. Get the latest news on its charges.

2. “Black Widow” star Scarlett Johansson has reportedly sued Disney. Because her salary was largely based on box office performance, she argues that Disney violated her contract when he simultaneously released the film on stream. More on that here.

3. Uber will make vaccinations mandatory for US employees. After a slight increase in COVID-19 cases, the carpooling giant will also push back the date for reopening its offices to October. Here’s what you need to know. Additionally, you can read the CEO’s email explaining the decision.

4. Worried about your screen time? Some restaurants and hotels lock your phone for you. Businesses are pushing back tech addictions with discounts, phone bans, and boxes for storing mobile devices. Here are some companies with virtual detox discounts.

5. Amazon grossed $ 2 billion less than expected in the second quarter. Even with a Prime Day in the second quarter, the company posted mixed earnings, missing Wall Street earnings expectations. Take a look at the key figures.

6. Airbnb will tell you soon if an ad has bad Wi-Fi. As more people look to continue working remotely, Airbnb is launching a tool that allows hosts to test their Wi-Fi and upload the results to their listing. Here is how it will work.

7. A Steve Jobs job application auction tested what people want most: NFTs or print. Amid a surge in interest in non-fungible tokens, a group of friends auctioned off the app to determine if NFTs are more valued than hard copies. The response was dazzlingly clear.

8. Dubai makes it rain. Literally. To cope with its 125-degree heat, Dubai is using laser beam drones to push rainwater out of the clouds. Find out how it works.

9. Cisco decided that none of its employees would have to return to the office. Because the company hasn’t seen a drop in productivity and expects to save money, less than a quarter of Cisco employees now plan to return to the office three or more days a week. How he made this decision.

10. $ 9 billion Tanium is suing two employees and the company that poached them. Tanium said the departing workers stole customer lists and hired a forensic company to review the texts of a former employee. A look at what we know about the trial (and the texts they found).

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