Charleston residents are making a direct difference in Ukraine

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ukrainian Viktoriya Magid, Ph.D., a Mount Pleasant psychologist, has been involved for three weeks with several Charleston residents who feel the injustice and the urgent need to help Ukrainians who are fighting for sovereignty and freedom.

Overseas Ukrainians have been uplifted by the continued support of Charleston residents during the ongoing Russian invasion. Here are some of the stories of people and local organizers who gave what they could to support Ukrainians in need, as well as testimonies of Ukrainians who felt that support.

Some of the many helpers

Drew Friedman is the son of Donna and Randy Friedman, a local family who have supported humanitarian and advocacy efforts in Ukraine. Last week, Drew hosted his fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta at the University of Wisconsin. Their donations made it possible to buy a large box of medicines which will be distributed in the occupied city of Kherson.

“We were so inspired by the courage and unity shown by the Ukrainian people,” said Drew Friedman. “Their reluctance to renounce oppression, their relentless fight to protect their home sends a powerful message.”

Euro Foods owners Maka Aptsiauri and Aleksandr Pavlichenko with West Ashley Connect volunteers Oleg Kulik and Anna Span

In West Ashley, Euro Foods Bakery and Café, with its owners Maka Aptsiauri and her husband Aleksandr Pavlichenko, has been actively supporting Ukraine since the crisis began.

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