Chattanooga resident chosen from 300,000 applicants to “live anywhere on Airbnb” for one year

In June, Airbnb announced that it was looking for 12 people from around the world to live exclusively in Airbnb listings for about a year, all paid for by Airbnb, as part of the “Live Anywhere on Airbnb” program.

Airbnb announced on Tuesday that it had selected these 12 people to live anywhere on Airbnb, out of more than 314,000 applicants worldwide.

One of those lucky participants is Stéphanie, from Chattanooga. Herself an Airbnb superhost, Stephanie is a dedicated world traveler – she and her husband Peter have visited nearly 50 countries together. While no stranger to Airbnb, she has never had the opportunity to experience long-term trips on the platform, so this fall she, Peter and their two-year-old son will be embarking on their journey. greatest family adventure, while continuing their welcome journey.

In addition to living on Airbnb, attendees will share their experiences with Airbnb along the way to help inform future product upgrades and innovations on the platform to better adapt to nomadic living.

Find more details about Live Anywhere on Airbnb and Stéphanie here.

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