Check Out This Minnesota Airbnb Jail Cell

I’ve lived over 6 decades and so far I’ve managed to avoid spending a night in jail. That’s not to say there weren’t times when I probably should have, but so far so good.

According, there is a town in southern Minnesota called Wykoff. It’s a small town “We have 440 people and at five you can shoot a cannon down the main street and you won’t hit anyone,” said Becky Schmidt, city clerk and treasurer.

The town has been described as “quiet, quaint and a bit strange”. Ed Krueger was a lifelong resident of Wykoff and died at the age of 91, leaving everything he owned to the town. “He was basically the Wykoff guy. He lived and died there,” Schmidt said of one of the town’s most notorious residents.

One of the buildings that Krueger left to the city was his grocery store. The city has turned the grocery store building into a museum about Krueger and his store.

Down the street was another building owned by the iconic Wykoff resident, The Wykoff Jail Haus, which was built in 1913. The jail was closed in the 1960s and was at one time considered for demolition, but was instead converted to a bed and breakfast.

Later, Schmidt put it on Airbnb and “it exploded. It went crazy. The first year we had rentals almost every night,” Schmidt said.

She had no idea how this Airbnb prison was going to turn out at first. “Even city people go there, why? But I think it’s just the experience,” she said.

The news must have spread because people came all the way to Australia to spend a night there. “It’s just a friendly community and we have some weird entities to entertain you with,” Schmidt said.

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