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CHICAGO (CBS) – Close it. This is the message from a North Side city councilor regarding an Airbnb rental issue. A woman was shot dead after leaving the house over the weekend, and it is not the first time that police have been called to this house near Greenview and Blackhawk.

Now Chicago police are warning the neighborhood against the house.

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Many of them already know this well. They’ve been complaining about it for months. Now the shooting has prompted the CPD to post flyers asking people to call 911 if they see anything illegal and warning people: “There is an address in your neighborhood that is raising crime.

“It’s scary, you know? Said a neighbor who did not want to share her identity.

She doesn’t want to be recognized by the next tenant in the house.

“There is loud music. There are double parked cars. There are groups that come and go shouting and talking very loudly, ”she said.

The CPD is warning neighbors against “the dangerous criminal activity associated with short-term rental properties in this neighborhood.”

Early Sunday, a woman told police she was leaving a rental party and heard gunshots. Police say she fled and then realized a few doors down that she had been shot in the leg.

“I could have been any of us,” the neighbor said. “It could have been a stray bullet through a window. It is very scary and dangerous.

Police said they broke up another party at the same address in 2019 and found two guns.

Ald. Brian Hopkins said he had asked the city to investigate the property and the owners could face fines.

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“Enough is enough,” he said. They had all their chances and they don’t have any anymore. Now the goal is just to shut them down, to bankrupt them. “

No one opened the door to the rental when CBS 2’s Tim McNicholas drove there on Friday.

The ad showed the property was booked for much of the summer, but now Airbnb says it has turned the ad off as it investigates what happened over the weekend and on the history of the property.

“There’s all kinds of illegal activity going on in these Airbnbs, and it’s just not a good choice for a quiet residential area where people are just trying to go about their business,” Hopkins said.

The CPD leaflets encourage condo associations to ban short-term rentals in their buildings by registering on the city’s list of prohibited buildings.

Neighbors say they hope Airbnb is gone for good.

“I hope Airbnb owners take responsibility for what is happening in the neighborhood,” said a neighbor.

The woman who was shot was taken to hospital herself and police said she was in good condition.

Airbnb has said it is ready to help CPD in any way it can. A spokesperson also noted other steps the company is taking to stop the parties, such as a 24/7 neighbor hotline and a recently announced partnership with VRBO to tackle party houses.

So far, no arrests have been made.

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UPDATE: An Airbnb spokesperson said the address is now permanently banned from the site and all future rentals have been canceled.

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