Cinespot launches ‘Airbnb rental time space’ for events and productions

Cinespot has launched a new marketplace for the rental of time slots with more than 1,300 spaces across the United States. The service is similar to Airbnb, but geared towards crowds of producers, event planners, and photographers.

Spaces can be rented for a variety of purposes, but the initial inspiration was the production industry. “In almost any production, finding the right location is the biggest challenge, and the platforms available to producers like me offer little variety in spaces,” says co-founder Max Brudvig, “We believe Cinespot solves this problem by offering a wide variety of spaces. ” Founded alongside his brother, Jack Brudvig, who has a background in software investing, the two believe their platform will become an essential tool for producers, event planners, filmmakers, photographers and anyone who has need to reserve a single space for a few hours.

“We are currently adding hundreds of spaces each week and processing more bookings than expected,” added Jack, “Cinespot is poised to scale.” With a platform that helps multi-billion dollar industries including photography, film production and live events, Cinespot looks poised to become a major player in the rental space industry.

There are two types of users on the Cinespot platform: hosts and guests. A host can list a space for free, with Cinespot only taking a percentage of reservations when payment is processed. “Many sites are struggling as a result of COVID, and Cinespot is giving them the opportunity to generate additional income by renting their space for productions and events,” says Max, “Events are going to make a comeback, and Cinespot is home to hundreds of banquet halls, theaters and bars ready to be booked now.

The creators of social entertainment platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram are also looking for unique new locations for their photoshoots and video productions, and with Cinespot they have hundreds of new spaces to choose from. With the increase in content creation and the need for spaces to produce that content, coupled with the return of the events industry, Cinespot expects their growth to continue. “It started out as a database of places I had handy as a producer, and it quickly grew to be much more than that.” says Max, “We’re excited to see where this leads. “

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