City Palace in Jaipur is the nucleus of Princess Gauravi Kumari’s change efforts

The Gudliya Suite opens onto a private garden terrace. Traditional Rajasthan jaali the work above the doors provides ventilation and keeps the room cool.

Photographed by Rema Chaudhary

A graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, Gauravi majored in media and communications and regularly deploys her creative prowess and social media savvy to showcase the talent of local women on a global platform. Her lifelong passion for handmade things has always kept her deeply grateful for the art and craftsmanship of her people, and motivated her to open the PDKF retail store at the palace last year.

In fact, in his private quarters at Chandra Mahal (the seven-storey palace which is also the official residence of the Jaipur royals), Gauravi has an entire wall outfitted with shelves that display handicrafts – miniature paintings, enamel, textiles and blue pottery, most from Rajasthan and some from his travels around the world. A series of recent renovations to her abode has now resulted in a living room decorated in green and white stripes, a pink and green striped bedroom, a pink bathroom, a dressing room, a terrace and a patio. “All pastel, all girly, all me…every corner of my space is a balance of comfort and culture,” says Gauravi. β€œAt City Palace, we like to use the term ‘conserve’ instead of ‘restore’. Our idea is to stick to the original design. We engage experts and conservation specialists to ensure that every aspect of construction and conservation is done with the same traditional materials and methods that were used to build the original structures 300 years ago.

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