Cityzenith is suing self-proclaimed “crowdfunding promoter” Shane Liddell for $8,000,000 in US Federal Court for libel, libel and fraud

CHICAGO, October 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cityzenith today announced that self-proclaimed “crowdfunding promoter,” Mr. Shane Liddell of XseedR and SmartCrowdfunding LLCa Florida registered company, was sued in US federal court in the state of illinois for $8,000,000 for fraud, defamation, reporting false facts in the public domain, intentional deception of investors, and tampering with emails and text messages for republication in the public domain, among other allegations made by a major Midwestern technology company that refused in Liddell a business meeting (Case # 1:22-cv-05101).

Complaint details multiple fraud allegations against Liddell outlining how defendant allegedly conspired with known associates Pamela Jean Swinney (Tampa Bay) and Lemon balm styles (Miami), to make public false claims about a company they knew nothing about, including fraudulently creating dozens of fake social media profiles that were used to litter the internet with false claims and defamatory comments about the Midwest company in the public domain. The accused face to face $8 million in damages.

The complaint alleges a complex web of fraudulent behavior on the part of Mr Liddell in a conspiracy with Ms Jean, Ms Styles and others.

  • Implemented an Internet smear campaign aimed at destroying the company and its executives

  • Process Internet messages, texts and share them in the public domain

  • Impersonate the CEO of the company in the public domain

  • Falsify financial information to mislead US crowdfunding investors in all 50 US states willfully and knowingly

  • Make defamatory public statements against the company, its management and share them in the public domain,

  • Create multiple fake Internet profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, et al) to spread and spread false information about the Company and its management, including profiles of individuals claiming to have previously worked for the Company,

  • Make false statements about

A University of Kentucky A law school student was also sued in the original complaint for allegedly supporting false content posted by Liddell and has since removed the false comments. The complaint was dismissed against the law student who cooperated with investigators.

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