Cleveland football overtakes Chatsworth to clinch West Valley League second – Daily News

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CHATSWORTH – Ahead of Friday’s soccer game, Cleveland had a clear goal. Win and take second place. Birmingham Charter reigns supreme in the West Valley League, but Cleveland wanted to prove that it is not a contender for second place.

With a solid attacking game plan and strong, efficient defense, the Cavaliers proved their point in a dominant 22-6 win over the Chatsworth.

“Due to injuries we had to move the kids around and perform a different kind of attack to put our opponent off guard,” said Cleveland coach Peter Gunny. “We were able to perform and make key plays when we needed them. ”

Cleveland set up a heavy offense this week, using five running backs and two quarterbacks to muddy Chatsworth’s defense and get consistent rushing yards. The team finished with almost 200 rushing yards.

Chatsworth faced the possibility of being down almost 20 points before halftime. However, their defense managed two big turnovers to put an end to Cleveland’s offensive offense.

When they needed it most, the struggling offense set up a late-quarter practice orchestrated by quarterback Nicholas Gutierrez, who finished Game 8 of 17 with 71 passing yards, a touchdown and an interception.

Four back-to-back goals from the senior pushed the offense down the field, leading to a touchdown pass with 39 seconds left.

Chatsworth didn’t carry that momentum in the second half as Cleveland kept control on both sides of the ball.

“I believe we performed below average. It was the result of our efforts and poor execution, ”said Chatsworth head coach Marvin Street. “I am very confident that things will be different in the future. Players will recognize the opportunity they have in front of them and they will seek to maximize that opportunity. ”

Without a doubt, the highlight of the half was the 55-yard touchdown from Cleveland senior running back Messiah Jordan. Jordan made nearly five tackles before breaking through to the left side, sprinting to the end zone.

Chatsworth put up a long haul in the fourth quarter, going all the way to the Cleveland 5-yard line. They spent six games in the red zone, most of which were short runs stopped by the Cavaliers’ defense.

The practice, as well as the game, were sealed when Gutierrez threw a red zone interception, pushed back by senior Cleveland safety Marcos Toribe.

“Dealing with COVID has been so crazy. We’ve been hit twice, plus injuries, ”Gunny said. “But these kids are so resilient and have faced a lot of adversity and grown up to face it every time, we are so proud of them.”

Cleveland finished the regular season 5-2 with a 3-1 league record, while Chatsworth finished 6-3 with a 2-3 league record. Both teams will advance to the playoffs starting next week. The matches will be finalized on Saturday at 2 p.m.

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