Climathon Bonn is just around the corner

Climathon Bonn is just around the corner

The Extreme Ideation event will bring people together to work on solving the city’s climate adaptation challenges

The city of Bonn has announced that it will participate this year in the Climathon Bonn – an event with various issues on the theme of climate change. The event organizer, the Center for Social Entrepreneurship in Bonn announced that she would be standing September 3 to 5.

The event is open to everyone, but especially to those interested in the theme of climate change because participants will have to tackle some of the most pressing issues in this area. They will be divided into teams, English-speaking or German-speaking, which will only have 48 hours to develop. viable solutions to climate protection and adaptation issues.

The Bonn Center for Social Entrepreneurship is a joint initiative between the Institute for Education and Social Innovation and the Institute of Philosophical and Aesthetic Education of Alanus University for Art and Society. Their aim is to promote interdisciplinary cooperation and accelerate social and structural changes through a more sustainable approach.

Collective problems require collective solutions

When registering, participants will choose the topics they are most interested in working on and form teams. Then, as with hackathons, teams will have 48 hours to find a solution to the problem.

Experts working in local government submitted several questions to the Climathon which focus on how the city of Bonn can adapt to the increasing demands of climate change and carbon neutrality.

The challenges call for the development of sustainable solutions for groups particularly vulnerable to climate change. These include nursing homes and daycares and how they can cope with increasing heat exposure during the summer months.

Another very important topic is the need for concepts that can fight against the dismantling of private green spaces.

Other challenges come from regional initiatives As Bollé Bonn Where Stadtfruchtchen. Bolle Bonn is a shared free cargo bike service, aiming to provide a more sustainable way of low-tonnage urban freight mobility. Stadtfruchtchen, on the other hand, is an organization which leased land in the middle of the city and started a community garden. It is run by two women and their mission is to promote urban gardening through a voluntary participation network in the city.

After the 48 hours, all teams will present their concepts to a jury of experts, including representatives of the Bonn Climate Coordination Unit. The jury will evaluate them according to the projects durability, feasibility and originality. The three teams with the most innovative ideas will receive a monetary grant as well as support for the implementation of their projects in Bonn.

Mayor Katja Dörner, the sponsor of the digital climate event was quoted in a press release, saying: “Climate protection is a collective task that lives on the determination, commitment and new ideas of as many people as possible. This is exactly the purpose of the Climathon, in which the team develops concepts for specific climatic problems ”.

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