Collierville’s roommate ban will not last

Let’s be realistic about this. What Airbnb operators like Terri Denison are doing is nothing new.

Accommodation options in Memphis are expanding with the growth of Airbnb, Vacation Rental By Owner, and other web platforms.

People have been renting rooms outside of their homes to travelers for ages. This was especially true in the days of Jim Crow, when South African Americans listed their homes in The Green Book, at a time when no white-owned hotel catered for black travelers.

It’s just that now Airbnb and HomeAway, like other disruptive innovations like Uber and Lyft, have provided a conglomerate structure for something that was once informal. Because of this, not many people noticed it.

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But now Airbnb’s formal structure is catching people’s attention. And in the idyllic Collierville, it gave rise to new fears; fears that Airbnbs will disrupt traffic and the tranquility of the neighborhood by attracting customers who might otherwise stay in hotels.

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