Consumer News: People Magazine announces 2021 “People of the Year”, Airbnb rents the house “Home Alone” for one night or more!

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Hackers have penetrated more U.S. defense and tech companies, and one group says it looks like the work of Chinese hackers. In November, cybersecurity researchers revealed that a U.S. organization had been hacked. Now they say the violation claims at least five victims in the United States. Researchers say hackers stole passwords for long-term access to the organization’s networks. They warn that other violations are likely.

A ransomware attack on Planned Parenthood in Los Angeles exposed the personal data of nearly half a million patients. The health care provider said this happened in October. Officials claim that hackers stole documents containing sensitive information such as insurance information, a diagnosis, a procedure or a prescription. A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood said there was no evidence it was a targeted attack.

People magazine announced the 2021 People of the Year nomination on Wednesday. This year’s list includes country music legend Dolly Parton, actress Sandra Oh, Olympic champion Simone Biles and a group of American teachers. The winners will appear on four unique covers in a special year-end double issue celebrating people from different backgrounds who have made an impact on American culture and who have been forces for good in the world during the most difficult years. of this century.

Fans of “Home Alone” have the option of renting the movie house for one night this month. Airbnb says it will open bookings for the Chicago-area home on December 7. The stay is scheduled for December 12. It will probably be difficult to stay overnight, but the stay is only $ 25. This offer coincides with the release of a new film in the series titled “Home Sweet Home Alone”.

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