Conversation Keeps Us From Being Strangers – Kiowa County Signal

By Brandon Case
Special Pratt Columnist at the Tribune

As we waited at a bus stop in Pruhonice, Czechia, I thought the man sitting next to me spoke English, so I spoke to him in my native language.

His name was Daniel, from Taiwan, and he spoke perfect English. He was a lone traveler who had lived and worked in Prague for five years but was here on vacation now.

He said he was surprised to find someone speaking English in a small village outside of Prague.

He told us he hoped to go further east on his next vacation. He preferred to travel alone and used public transport to get around, although he sometimes rented a car. He told us that traveling by public transport was the best way to discover a place.

When he learned that we had stayed at Airbnbs, he was curious about our experience. I told him it was a great way to spend the night. He said he had two criteria for his stays: 1) his own bathroom; 2) Private space.

We enjoyed our brief visit, fellow travelers in a world full of possibilities.

Daniel paused: “I didn’t tell anyone that. It’s my birthday.” We wished her a happy birthday.

The bus arrived and everyone boarded.

When we disembarked and were walking towards the subway entrance, Daniel caught up with us. He asked which station we would get off at in Prague. We told him. He wished us good luck. I offered to buy her some bread from a nearby bakery in honor of her birthday. He thanked me but told me he had enough money.

We told him that we hope things will work out between his country and China.

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