COP26: Glasgow Airbnb prices soar to almost £ 30,000 per week ahead of climate change event

Airbnb prices have skyrocketed in recent months, with hosts raising their prices ahead of COP26.

The climate conference will be held in Glasgow at the SEC from November 1-12 and will bring together those who signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreed in 1994. These “parties” are made up of over 190 countries that have signed the agreement.

Glasgow was chosen as the host city by the UK because of its experience, commitment to sustainability and world-class facilities.

While looking at rental prices across the city when the event takes place, a three bedroom Airbnb rental will cost someone a staggering £ 4,000 per night.

Neither per week nor per month.

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The penthouse can accommodate six people and has three double bedrooms and three bathrooms, two of which are private.

If you take that price for the week of November 1-8 and include the cost of the service charge at a staggering £ 4,269 plus a 10% discount it’ll set you back £ 29,469.

If you were to stay here in September it would only cost you £ 405 a night which brings you to a total of £ 3,315 for the week – a difference of £ 26,154.

Another Glasgow property located in Finneston has two bedrooms, one bathroom and free parking, but the host photo also includes the COP26 logo.

Glasgow is expected to host COP26 in November 2021.

The pad would typically cost tourists £ 86 per night for the month of October for a week. However, when you enter dates for November during the conference, it goes up to almost £ 500 per night, which brings you down to £ 490 per night from November 1-8 as well as November 9-17.

Priced at £ 490 for seven nights including a five percent discount, a cleaning fee of £ 40 and a service charge of £ 559, this will set you back a total of £ 3,857.

A third apartment in Glasgow has also been put on the rental market and is titled COP26.

The two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in the West End costs £ 550 a night. Including a cleaning and service charge of £ 662 plus a five percent discount, the total will set you back £ 4,294 for just one week.

The West End apartment is less than 30 minutes by train from the SEC where COP26 is taking place.
The West End apartment is less than 30 minutes by train from the SEC where COP26 is taking place.

In addition to the rise around COP26, there also appears to be a big increase as the TRNSMT music festival approaches.

Festival-goers will travel to Glasgow Green for the three-day event from September 10-12.

According to, Glasgow tourists face the fourth highest Airbnb price increase over UK summer holidays.

The city’s Airbnbs see their prices increase by 7% on summer holidays, to £ 102 on public holidays from £ 95 the weekend before.

The Money Saving website study looked at the average price per night of properties on the rental website on the dates and locations where the UK’s biggest events and holidays are taking place throughout 2021.

The prices were then compared to the corresponding dates from the previous week to reveal which events are raising Airbnb prices the most.

The 5 cities with the biggest price increase during the summer holidays:



Average price during the holidays

Average price for the previous weekend

To augment


Liverpool, Merseyside

£ 145

£ 119




£ 147

£ 132




£ 113

£ 102



Glasgow, Scotland

£ 102

£ 95



Leeds, West Yorkshire

£ 82

£ 79


Glasgow also came out on top with the average price increasing 58% around Halloween – more than any other city in the UK.

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