Coronavirus: Brussels will vaccinate in schools, sports clubs and places of worship

The Region wishes to further increase its vaccination coverage in the coming weeks.

Brussels wants to boost its vaccination rate and is preparing its September program, while the start of the school year is slowly looming, announced Tuesday the head of the covid system of the Common Community Commission (Cocom), Inge Neven, during the weekly press briefing on the situation epidemiological in Brussels. Vaccines will be administered in schools, businesses and sports clubs.

“We are examining ways to increase vaccination coverage in September and ensure a responsible and safe return to school, especially among young people. Different awareness and vaccination campaigns will be launched both in companies but also in schools, in partnership with the employers’ federation BECI, ONE, Kind en Gezin and other actors such as sports associations and. At the same time, we are continuing our actions in places of worship, ”explains Inge Neven.

The back-to-school agenda will be presented in detail next week. The objective is to ensure a school year “as normal as possible” through vaccination. “We therefore want everyone to be vaccinated,” insists Inge Neven. Brussels has notably fallen behind in the 12-35 age group, compared to other regions.

Now that the large-scale vaccination of the population has been carried out, the strategy now switches to decentralized actions targeting more targeted groups, via local branches, vacci-buses, general practitioners, mobile teams and vaccination campaigns in the companies and administrations. In addition, communication campaigns continue to develop. The dating app Tinder was used for advertising and another campaign with influencers has already reached some 675,000 young people.

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